Why all the fuss? For most of us, it’s not that big of a deal ... we grab our camera, turn it on, point at our subject and shoot. Pretty simple right? But if modern photography is that simple, and people are really so happy, then why all the photography books, classes, workshops and seminars? Why then, in a world were technological advancements have made capturing an image easier than making a cup of coffee, do we still want more? The answer is simple: pride. We’re missing it ... and we have to get it back.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Attention Grabber

What if I told you that you were wrong about photography?
What if everything you’ve read about capturing light was slightly skewed — designed to make you purchase equipment instead of making you an artist?
What if I told you that more mega pixels can’t possibly make your bad photo better — it just makes it bigger? What if I told you that you didn’t need your camera’s meter, that you didn’t have to hold your camera still and that saving your images in the RAW format was a bad thing?
Would you listen?
What if I showed you that all the ‘modes’ in your camera were useless, that ‘fixing’ an image after-the-fact was pointless and that it was your vision holding you back and not your equipment? What if I proved to you that everything you’ve been told about digital photography up until now was a lie and that the truth is as easy to see as opening your eyes?
Would you care?
Now, what if I gave you a different way … a way that sets free the visionary inside, a way that changes your perspective of the world, a way that shows you options instead of rules? What if I showed you how to be an artist with your camera and not just another photographer?
What if you knew you had a choice?

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