Why all the fuss? For most of us, it’s not that big of a deal ... we grab our camera, turn it on, point at our subject and shoot. Pretty simple right? But if modern photography is that simple, and people are really so happy, then why all the photography books, classes, workshops and seminars? Why then, in a world were technological advancements have made capturing an image easier than making a cup of coffee, do we still want more? The answer is simple: pride. We’re missing it ... and we have to get it back.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Photo by
Joy Willits

Deep inside of me I know there is an artist just dying to get out. Photography has provided the medium I needed to fulfill that dream. My growth is slow at best, but true nonetheless. I have found that every time I am out photographing something be it the smallest part of a flower or a beautiful landscape, I can get away to a place of peace and tranquility. Rod and Robin have given me the gift of photography as an art, and not just a bunch of photographs that record a vacation or an outing. Not that those are not important, they are. Becoming an artist with my camera is so wonderfully satisfying. I love to revisit some of the photographs to wonder just what more could I have done. Reading Rod's account of getting the perfect shot in Hawaii was an AHA moment for me. Now I know that to get the message I'm looking for takes work, perseverance and love of the art. Thank you, Rod and Robin for your vision!

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