Why all the fuss? For most of us, it’s not that big of a deal ... we grab our camera, turn it on, point at our subject and shoot. Pretty simple right? But if modern photography is that simple, and people are really so happy, then why all the photography books, classes, workshops and seminars? Why then, in a world were technological advancements have made capturing an image easier than making a cup of coffee, do we still want more? The answer is simple: pride. We’re missing it ... and we have to get it back.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Walk in the Woods

Images by
Mark Wade

There is a walk that IFLC photographers enjoy.
The walk is sure in direction, but has less to do with what we see, and more to do with the affects our surroundings have on us inwardly.
A walk in the woods becomes the wind on our face in the heat of the day. The mysteries that lay beyond shadow and reality, become the palette for the spirit of the moment.
Movement and sound and stillness. These speak to our sensibilities when it comes time to create.
How do you become the cloud and meadow? You close your eyes for a few moments...the warm air fills nostril and lung. The peck of bird, scurry of lizard and rustle of squirrel. All elements join to become the essence of time, and the relation between human and environmental influence.
Only when we are one with time and moment, then camera settings are established...raised to the eye and creation begins. This is not always a gentle venture. Sometimes, we appear ludicrous. Somewhat with flail and jerk we spend our energy blending the elements to tell the unified story of a precise moment's essence.
There is a spirit in each moment.
That is what an IFLC photographer seeks.

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